Thursday, May 25, 2006

Polygraphing Judyth Vary Baker

This post was written in response to a question posted on JFK Murder Solved Forum.

The question asked if Judyth Vary Baker had taken a polygraph test? The question implies that Judyth should have submitted herself to a polygraph test despite the fact that she had been totally ignored and overlooked by a host of law enforcement agencies that should have been all over her. Here is my response...

The polygraph question is an interesting one and a good place to start a discussion about Judyth.

If I may re-position the question a bit, it will help me get to my point. Given that there is solid evidence (her 1963 W2 form from the Reily Coffee Company) that Judyth Vary Baker worked with Lee Harvey Oswald (even starting on the same day as Oswald) in the summer of 1963. The RCC timecards show that she clocked in within minutes of him day-after-day. Why then was she not picked up by the FBI, the New Orleans Police Department, or the Warren Commission to be polygraphed, or at least, questioned?

Any gumshoe dectective investigating a murder suspect would have started with friends and associates, particularly at their place of employment. Given that neither Lee nor Judyth owned a car, that they both clocked in within minutes of each other, and both lived along the Magazine Street bus route, it would have been fairly easy to figure out they took the same bus to work every morning. Such a common sense observation (if asked in 1963) would have easily led to the bus driver(s) that drove the Magazine bus at those times each morning. Having lived in New Orleans and used public transportation much of my life, I can assure you that the bus drivers recognize their regular customers. Oswald would get on the bus each morning at the corner of the 4900 block of Magazine. Several minutes later, an attractive young female would board the bus at Marengo Street and then sit down next to Oswald. Both would get off together by the Reily Coffee Company. Would this have gone un-noticed by the bus driver? (I note that the driver of the bus that Oswald boarded in Dallas on November 22, 1963 was questioned!)

What happened instead of a common sense gumshoe investigation was that FBI investigators went to William Monaghan, an ex-FBI agent who worked for Reily, one of the most notorious anti-Communists business people in the city. Monaghan hired Oswald and was Baker’s immediate supervisor. Supposedly the FBI asked Monihan about Oswald’s character. Are we to believe that Monihan did not know that Baker and Oswald arrived together at the entrance to the coffee company on a daily basis for nearly three months? Was the point of asking Monaghan about Oswald instead of doing a real investigation to make sure that the answers would pass FBI muster? Is this why Monaghan never mentioned his secretary Judyth Baker in his response about Oswald?

I will add that Baker’s friend, Anna Lewis (see interview on acknowledges that she saw Judyth and Lee together on a regular basis and that she and her husband (David Lewis - an employee of ex-FBI agent-in-charge Guy Banister) socialized with Judyth and Lee on a number of occassions. Further, Anna Lewis admits that she lied to Jim Garrison and his investigators concerning her knowledge of Oswald. Had Anna Lewis told Garrison the truth, Garrison might very well have picked up Judyth Baker for questioning! And Garrison, who was infamous for giving polygraphs to witnesses, might very well have asked her to take a polygraph test. Why did this not happen? Anna Lewis knew about Oswald’s connection to Carlos Marcello, to Banister, to Baker and to the anti-Castro activities in New Orleans. She was afraid to speak out.

Ed Haslam


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